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Mission Statement
The Mission of The Trinidad and Tobago Institute of Architects (TTIA) is to promote excellence in Architecture as an essential contributor to the built environment for present and future generations.

Core Objectives
     - To advance the art and profession of architecture.
     - To consider and safeguard matters of professional practice.
     - To promote and afford facilities for the study of architecture
     - To serve as a medium of friendly communication between members and others interested in the progress of architecture

The Trinidad and Tobago Institute of Architects (TTIA) is a non-profit organization that promotes the ethical practice, art and science of architecture in Trinidad and Tobago. The TTIA is an association of Architects established under The Act for the Incorporation of the Trinidad and Tobago Institute of Architects in 1988. In Trinidad and Tobago the registration of Architects and the practice of Architecture is regulated by the Board of Architecture of Trinidad and Tobago (BOATT) (www.boa-tt.org/) which was established in Law by the Architecture Profession Act of 1992 (http://www.boa-tt.org/home/act).

To date the TTIA has approximately 80 Full Members who are qualified architects and Trinidad and Tobago Nationals or Permanent Residents of CARICOM. The TTIA is run by an executive elected annually by its members. It has a President, Vice President, Honorary Treasurer, Honorary Secretary and 3 Executive members including the Immediate Past President. A part-time Administrative Assistant supports the Executive and is based at the TTIA Secretariat. The TTIA is a member of the following regional and international organizations:

- International Union of Architects (UIA - Union Internationale des Architectes), www.uia-architectes.org/
- The Commonwealth Association of Architects (CAA) www.comarchitect.org/
- The Association of Commonwealth Societies of Architects in the Caribbean (ACSAC) www.acsac.net/
- The Federation of Caribbean Associations of Architects (FCAA)  www.fcaa.info/en/statutes_en.htm
- Joint Consultative Council of Trinidad and Tobago (JCC)
- Trinidad and Tobago Coalition of Services Industries (TTCSI) www.ttcsi.org/
- Trinidad and Tobago Group of Professional Associations (TTGPA)

TTIA Executive 2011-2013

Jennifer Smith
Vice President  
Alison Grosberg 
Hon. Secretary  
Michael Lee Poy
Hon. Treasurer  
Martin Joab

Imm. Past President  
Mark Raymond
Executive Officer 2 
Gary Turton
Executive Officer 3  
Marlon Charles


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